I'm breaking out

6. dubna 2007 v 19:26 | Ivetka |  Texty v angličtině
I've got an other plan today
And it's none of your business
I'll hold it tight in my hand
With my back against the wall
Against the wall

I'm giving you the fault for me
Did never want all of this
But you're leaving me with no other choice
This is the last time now
The last time

I'm feeling
claustrophobic cramped
Back off
Or I will
Blast an exist
You're not
Gonna hold me back
I'm breaking out!

I'm warning you, don't follow me
The world is happy without you
What you wanted is croaked
I am what is happening now
Happening now
Cold sweat on your forehead
You can hear me shouting now
Everything will be over for you soon
I'll pull out your plug
Out your plug

I'm feeling

Your lies are told
Your last shot has missed me
It's too late
It's too late
You're leaving me with no other choice
And this was the last time

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